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About Marencik Group

Our style

We favor results over buzzwords in digital strategy, crisp simplicity over bells and whistles in design, and flexibility over short-lived code in development.

Our Professional DNA

From Silicon Valley to Madison Ave and beyond, our deep experience in tech and marketing informs our strategic approach and ability to execute.

Metrics & Magic

We value results that are supported by metrics, as well as the magic that’s sparked by compelling design and intuitive user experiences.

General Market & Multicultural Marketing

Our experience serving the Hispanic Market, General Market and Total Market respects nuances in communication and consumer behavior to defy stereotypes and reflect true cultural significance.

Our designers can code, and our developers understand the intricacies of digital design. The value of such overlap cannot be underestimated in digital.

how we work


We apply consumer/user insights to envision, design, and build solutions that achieve business goals.


We understand what it takes to deliver compelling interactive experiences in a landscape of diverse devices, browsers, and bandwidths.


We believe that to be successful in digital, designers and developers must have a deep understanding of and empathy for each other’s disciplines.

We employ marketing best practices, as well as inventive approaches to growth. Our product, marketing, and startup skill sets enable us to operate as growth hackers.

Our services




our capabilities

User Interface &
Interaction Design

Our Creative team is adept at concepting and designing clean and compelling user interfaces through advanced techniques, for virtuous and immersive user cycles and experiences.

Hispanic & Multicultural Marketing

Our well-crafted, culturally relevant work enables brands to engage the US Hispanic/Latino audience in an authentic and effective manner through Spanish-language and bi-lingual responsive websites, email campaigns, social channels and mobile apps.

Content Management Systems

With experience in Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Magento, as well as custom CMS solutions, our mode of operation is to make the CMS flexible, robust and user-friendly, and then insuring our clients are prepared to easily update the assets or content.

Responsive Websites

We design, develop and launch responsive websites that scale beautifully from mobile phone screens to tablets to desktops/HD monitors and TVs, using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, .NET, JQUERY, AJAX, and other leading frameworks.

General Marketing

Our launch, measure, learn, and iterate strategy has been well-received by CMOs and brand leaders alike because we recognize that the dynamic nature of digital is both a departure from the world of traditional marketing AND a reinforcing and aligned approach to traditional marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We conduct an initial SEO audit, discuss our clients’ SEO goals, develop a strategy and implement on and off-page SEO, followed by reporting, measurement, and a plan for further growth, all with the latest search engine rating factors in mind.

Mobile Applications

With expertise in mobile strategy, UI/UX design, mobile web platform, enterprise mobility, augmented reality and developing data-driven mobile platforms, we build cross-platform apps by employing the latest in HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery without compromising performance, scalability and native app functionality.

CRM & Growth Hacking

Beginning with a multi-channel marketing strategy, we use our product, marketing, and startup skill sets to execute acquisition, activation, retention and win-back tactics across consumer/user touch points (direct mail, website opt-in funnels, email campaigns, SMS streams, and call centers).

Ecommerce Solutions

We design and build Ecommerce solutions using platforms such as Woo Commerce, Shopify, OS Commerce and Zen Cart in order to manage data, enable smooth transactions, and integrate with payment gateways, fulfillment platforms and other external systems.



Collaborate to learn our client's goals and user-centered objectives


Recommended digital strategies and solutions; concept and design creative assets and solution architecture


Cross-platform implementation of user interface, interactive elements, features, functionality, API's, and measurement mechanisms; test solution across devices, browsers, and screen sizes


Implement tracking; deploy via client's infrastructure and web hosting environment; perform knowledge transfer/training for client collaborators


Maintain solution, track metrics and adjust or iterate the solution to continue driving results


We are proud to work with leading brands, often partnering with agencies as ‘the team behind the team’ (that’s why our list of client logos is conspicuously under wraps!). We would be happy to discuss our experience, case studies and the scale of our work. Contact us to learn more.

We have served brands and clients in the following categories:

Pharmaceuticals / Healthcare

Technology & Telecom

Consumer Packaged Goods


Travel & Leisure

Media & Entertainment

Government & Not-for-Profit

Education & Training

We have partnered with startups and development firms in:


Digital Media / Video Technology




In addition to our direct to brand and client engagements, we partner with dynamic organizations, including:


Traditional and digital agencies serving the Hispanic Market, the General Market and the Total Market

Corporate Tech Orgs

Technology teams that require outside skills or additional staff for specific digital initiatives


Software companies seeking partners for professional services (customizations, integrations) or ancillary digital design and development

Startups / Product Innovators

Startups and innovators requiring assistance with prototypes and product/design iterations

We pride ourselves on our partners’ feedback that we always deliver and are easy (and fun!) to work with.

We enjoy contributing to our partners’ success and tackling digital challenges in collaboration or on their behalf.


Thanks for contacting us. A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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With offices in New York, Miami, and San Francisco, we live and work in communities at the intersection of design, technology and multicultural communications.

Email: contact@marencikgroup.com